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Dune ( Last Unicorn Games / Five Rings Publishing )

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Eye of the Storm
(fully released)

Eye of the Storm ( 301 card stand-alone )

Fearful of the popular Duke Leto the Just, the Emperor and the Baron sets their plans in motion.


Judge of the Change
( Episodes 1 - 3 ) (fully released)

Judge of the Change ( 183 card expansion )

Leaving the safety of Caladan, the Atreides establish their presence on Dune, Desert Planet.


Thunder at Twilight
( Episodes 1 - 3 ) (fully released)

Thunder at Twilight ( 183 card expansion )

  Betrayed, the Atreides are destroyed and Dune placed once again under the iron fist of the Harkonnen.

Two Preview sets were issused before the release of Eye of the Storm

The first was the pre-Gencon which consisted of 100 cards

The second was released at Gencon which consisted of 63 cards

Second Moon Rising
[ December 1998 ]

Second Moon Rising
( Cancelled card expansion )

A leader known as Muad'Dib rallies the Fremen from their strongholds against the oppressors.

Fall of the Padishah
[ Early 1999 ]

Fall of the Padishah
( Cancelled card expansion )

With the Fremen taking the upper-hand, the Emperor is forced to act to try and save his position and title.


These cards came out of "The Duelist" Magazine.They are CCG Promotionals.

The cards are Titled

  "Smuggler Underground" and reads: 'Personnel-Corps-Cohort

"Division Leader" and reads: 'Enhancment title



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