Dune Action Figures

Action Figures by LJN 1984 includes....


 Paul, Stilgar, Raban, Feyd, The Baron and a Sardaukar Terror Trooper


The Beast Raban


Baron Harkonnan



Dune Action Figure are about 5 1/2" tall with"Battle-Matic Action
(a lever on his back makes his arms move)


Sardaukar Laser Gun and The Freman Tarpel Gun


The Dune Sand Crawler

The Dune Sand Tracker

The Dune Sand Roller

The Dune Spice Scout

The Sandworm (this was blacked out on the box)


The LJN catalogue also shows Gurney Halleck and The lady Jessica.
I have heard that prototypes exist of these figures. Although i have never actually seen one

Revell Dune Toys

This is the Revell version of the "Sandcrawler" from the motion picture Dune. You only see this vehicle for a little bit when a spice harvester is destroyed by a sandworm. This is one of 3 in the set . The model is 10 inches long. The model is dated 1985, and comes unassembled .

(kit No. 1776)

This is the Revell version of the Ornithopter flying machine, as seen in the motion picture Dune. It had only a few fleeting scenes in the movie but it looks interesting. This is the third in a series of Dune models. It is 6.5 inches long, and can be assembled in various positions.
This model comes unassembled .

(kit No. 1777)

 This is the Revell version of the "Sandworm" from the motion picture Dune. It is 19 inches high and includes a diorama base and 10 small fremen figures. This is the 2nd model in the set , and probably the best of the three. This model comes unassembled.

(kit No. 1778)

Jeff Yeagher Sandworm

Yeagher Sandworm

This is the first kit produced by the legendary sculptor Jeff Yeagher, and is the most difficult to acquire of the Yeagher kits.
Supposedly Jeff was disgusted with the quality of the Revell Sandworm, so he made his own.
The worm is composed of 4 pieces, hollow-cast. There is also a spice-collecting ship, and an elegant sand dune base.
The base is about 11 1/2" by 9". There is no box, it came in a simple ziplock bag.

There is probably about 40 of these kits in existance

Paul Atreides Model

Model Kit "Paul Muad'dib"


This is 1 of less than 25 ever made.
The detail is excellent.

It comes with a cyskife and signet ring.



Model Kit "The Floating Fatman"


Height 10"

Parts 5
Material - Solid Resin
Sculptor - Dean Morin
Cost $105 Plus S&H
Maker - Tates Comics
4942 N University Drive
Lauderhill FL 33351


There is a write up about this model in AFM (Amazing Figure Modeler) magazine Issue #21



Other collectors items

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