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Herbert, Frank,

Analog December 1963

--Dune World (Part 1of 3), December, 1963.
Volume LXXII, Number 4

--Dune World (Part 2 of 3), January, 1964.
Volume LXXII, Number 5

Analog Magazine February 1964

--Dune World (Conclusion), February, 1964.
Volume LXXII Number 6

Cover by John Schoenherr

--The Mary Celeste Move,,October 1964--
Volume LXXIV No. 2

Cover by Robert Swanson

--The Prophet of Dune (Part 1), January, 1965.

--The Prophet of Dune (Part 2 of Five), February, 1965.
Volume LXXIV, Number 6

Cover by John Schoenherr

--The Prophet of Dune (Part 3), March, 1965.

Cover by John Schoenherr

--The Prophet of Dune (Part 4), April, 1965.

--The Prophet of Dune (Conclusion), May, 1965. ** Hugo, Nebula. (first Nebula award for a novel)

Cover by John Schoenherr

--The GM Effect, June, 1965.
Volume LXXV No. 4, June 1965

Cover by Lawrence Livermore Labs

--Escape Felicity, June, 1966.
Vol. LXXVII, No. 4

Cover by Chesley Bonestell.

--By the Book, August 1966
Vol. LXXVII, No. 6

Cover by John Schoenherr.

--The Featherbedders, August, 1967.
Volume LXXIX No. 6

Cover by Chesley Bonestell.

--Seed Stock April 1970

--Children of Dune January 1976

--Children of Dune February 1976

--Children of Dune March 1976

--Children of Dune April 1976

--Come to the Party December 1978
Volume XCVIII No. 12

Cover by Jack Gaughan

--Songs of a Sentient Flute February 1979