NEL Children of Dune

Children of Dune
Frank Herbert

New English Library Series
First Published 1978
This Edition reset 1992
Illustration by Gerry Grace
Price U.K.£5.99 Australia $14.95

ISBN 0-450-03427-5
©1976 Frank Herbert

The third book in the Dune series
The Double award winning Dune sequence moves on. For all things must pass and only change is constant. The sand-blasted desert world of Arrakis has become green, watered and fertile
Old Paul Atreides, who led the Freman to domination of the galaxy, is gone, but for the Children of Dune the very blossoming of their land contains the seeds of its own destruction. As the altered climate threatens extinction to the giant sandworms, fanatics challenge the rule of the Atreides family.

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