The Dune Collectors Survival Guide
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Top 10 hard to find Dune collectables
These are items that were available to the general public when first released

1 Dune Books

Including Dune, Dune Messiah, Children of Dune, God Emperor of Dune, Heretics of Dune, Chapterhouse Dune, The Dune Trilogy and The Illustrated dune

2 Dune Related Books

Including Dune Encyclopeadia, The Making of Dune, Marvel Comics, The Dune Story Book. The Panini Sticker Book. Cliffs Notes

3 Dune Magazines

Starlog, The Movie, The Dune Reader, Enterprise Incidents, Unknown Worlds, Starblaze

4 Dune Movies

Including Dune Video, Wide Screen, Laser Disk, DVD and The Alan Smithee version

5 Dune Posters and Lobby Cards

Including American, English, Argentinian,German and French. Also the Japanese Program and Handbill. Photoset

6 Dune Toys by LJN

Including Figures (Paul, Feyd, Stilgar, The Baron, Rabban and the Sardaukar. Vehicles and Guns and the Sandworm

7 Dune Toys by Revell

Including Ornithopter Sand Crawler and Sandworm. Estes Model Rocket

8 Dune Music

Dune movie score, movie soundtrack and the games sound track. Also the Dune Songbook

9 Dune Audio Items

Dune Records & Cassette's and Audio Books. The Frank Herbert / David Lynch Interview Tape

10 Dune Games

Dune 1, Dune 2, Dune 2000, Playstation, Sega Genisis and Amiga. Dune 2000 Official Strategy Guide

11 More Dune Items 1

Dune Jigsaws (UK and USA), View Master and Reels, Calendars, Stickers and Counter Displays. Paperdoll set

12 More Dune Items 2

Dune Folders and Memo Pad, Napkins Plates and Cups. Party Blowers. Buttons, Lunchbox and flask. Bed Cover and Pillow Case, Pyjamas

13 Helix drawing sets

Helix Pencil Cases, Dune Ruler, Dune Maths set, Drawing set

14 Props and Costumes

Pauls number 2 Stillsuit Jacket

15 Dune T-Shirts

Dune T-Shirts, Laser Disc and T-shirt set

16 Garage Model Kits

Sandworm, Navigator, Muad'dib, Feyd, The Floating Fatman