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MCA Video Cover

US Video

Polygram Video Cover

UK Video 1995

Wide Screen DVD Cover

Dune Widescreen DVD

Wide Screen Video Cover

Dune Widescreen

All of these Videos and the DVD should still be available from a few large video stores

Where to find this Item



These should all still be available in stores

Blockbuster £5.99 uk video

Standard Video $13.99

Woolworths £5.99 uk video

Widescreen Video $13.99


Letterbox (widescreen)


DVD $18.73

Approximate Price

The Video's range from $15 to $30 (£10 to £20)

Dune Laser Disc Cover

Dune Laser Disc

Video C D

Dune Video C D
This is the Gold Disc Limited Edition for Superior quality and durability.
English version with Chinese subtitles
Plays on DVD or CD or PC with mpeg support

Where to find this Item



Approximate Price

$10 to $15

Dune  Alan Smithee Version Video Cover

These Versions of Dune are the Alan Smithee versions
· A two tape or single tape set
· 52 minutes longer than the domestic release!
· In English with Japanese subtitles.
· In NTSC (will play on american VCRs)
· 189 minutes long.

The Smithee version I have only seen on ebay.
Any tapes of the extended version are copies of the original japanese laser discs or copies taken from TV.
I don't know if these tapes are legal or not but as you can see from the above scans, they are professionally produced


Where to find this Item







Approximate Price

$25 to $40

This is the only true official Alan Smithee version

Laser Disc 1

Laser Disc 2

Laser Disc Rear 1

Laser Disc Rear 2

The very rare Japanese box set of Dune
( Out of Print )

Based on the Frank Herbert novel and directed by David Lynch. The set includes 4 discs. Along with the 137 minute theatrical version, which is letterboxed, there is a 189 minute version which is pan and scan and was prepared for television showings. This version has never been released on any format outside Japan.

Additionaly, the theatrical trailer is included, along with an 8 page booklet, in japanese, with photos of the film and cast, and the three american poster designs. The discs are in CLV format, in English, with Japanese subtitles. The subtitles for the letterboxed version appear below the image.

Expect to pay $200 for an original Smithee Japanese Laser Disc version

Dune Movie Press Kit

Press Kit  Open

Press Kit Front

Press Kit Spread

 DUNE Movie Press Kit. Dated 1984.

Also included is the Information about the movie and its cast From Universal (see below)

15 glossy black & white photos

Press release on Berkeley Publishing Group
List of movie cast and credits (7 pages)
Movie Production Notes (26 pages)
David Lynch biography (13 pages)
Frank Herbert biography (3 pages)
Freddie Francis biography (6 pages)
Anthony Master biography (5 pages)
Raffaella DeLaurentiis biography (3 pages)
Francesca Annis biography (5 pages)
Brad Dourif biography (3 pages)
Jose Ferrer biography (5 pages)
Linda Hunt biography (6 pages)
Freddie Jones biography (4 pages)
Richard Jordan biography (4 pages)


Kyle MacLachlan biography (5 pages)
Virginia Madsen biography (4 pages)
Silvana Mangano biography (3 pages)
Everett McGill biography (5 pages)
Kenneth McMillan biography (4 pages)
Sian Phillips biography (5 pages)
Jurgen Prochnow biography (5 pages)
Paul Smith biography (5 pages)
Patrick Stewart biography (6 pages)
Sting biography (5 pages)
Dean Stockwell biography (5 pages)
Max Von Sydow biography (5 pages)
Alicia Roane Witt biography (3 pages)
Sean Young biography (3 pages)


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