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Strategy Game of the Year - 1993 Computer Gaming World. Inspired by the best selling science fiction adventure of all time, this simulation-strategy game takes resource management to epic proportions. As either the honorable Atreides, the mysterious Ordos or the brutal Harkonnens, you must overcome violent known and unknown adversaries to build up military prowess, political security and mining monopolies to secure the future of your dynasty on the planet of DUNE. Forget turn-based strategy games of the past. DUNE II: The Building of Dynasty puts you in the middle of the action in this real-time game with plenty of combat. With an easy to use interface, issuing orders to take out a sonic tank was never so easy, or fun. And there's more than just a few tanks in your path to total victory. You'll go up against the best the enemy has to offer, with more than 20 different units to command. Orders are immediate, your response time must be quick, and the enemy can be extremely brutal.

 And since you get to select who your enemies are, replay value is extremely high in DUNE II. Will you choose to ally yourself with House Atreides, a passive yet extremely loyal people? Maybe the savage Harkonnens are more to your liking. Their history of violence and fear have worked well in past conflicts, and will undoubtedly serve them well on DUNE. Or, are you more comfortable using weapons of trickery and deception? House Ordos is known for their success in sabotage and terrorism. Regardless of what side you fight for, there will be plenty of missions to command before victory is yours.

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Over 1 megabyte of digitized speech and sounds make combat exciting and realistic with a Sound Blaster compatible sound card. A 286 or better is required, with VGA graphics and 2 megabytes of RAM or more. DUNE II is available on 3.5" HD or 5.25" floppies, and is Windows 3.x compatible.

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  This game comes on 6 disks, and is considered by many to be that father of the R.T.S game type. In the game you take contort of one of three houses, in a bid to battle for overall control of the planet and spice mining. With over 20 different units to control you must battle the other house in order to gain control of the different territories on the planet . On the down side you have no control over your limited air units, the map is all flat and their is a maximum number of 25 unit allowed at one time. Over all this game is a classic and can still be enjoyed.

Again like dune this game is available to download as abandonware

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PAL (European) Version of DUNE II Battle For Arrakis on the SEGA Mega Drive