Eye of the Storm
1997 Collectible Card Game
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Eye of the Storm

Dune CCG (Collectible Card Game) by 5 Rings

Published by 5 Rings and designed by Last Unicorn.

Head Desingner.......Owen Seyler (Last Unicorn)

Artists.....Fred Fields , Larry Elmore , David Cherry , Frank Kelly-Freas , Walter Valez , Matt Wilson and Mark Zug

The game follows the David Lynch movie more than the Dune book. The game captures the political intrigue found in the original novel. The 3 main political parties are , The Landsraad , the Guild and the Imperium. They hold the grip on spice (melange) production.

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DUNE: Eye of the Storm Card List

#  Card Name                      Allg. Card Type,Subtype     Illustrator            Rarity
1   Dune                          Siridar  Fief, Dune Fief    David Cherry             S
2   Arrakeen                      Dune Fief, City             Randy Asplund-Faith      S
3   Carthag                       Dune Fief, City             Randy Asplund-Faith      S
4   Imperial Basin                Dune Fief, Desert           Corey Macourek           S
5   The Minor Erg                 Dune Fief, Desert           Corey Macourek           S
6   The Open Bled                 Dune Fief, Desert           Corey Macourek           S
7   Caladan                   A   Homeworld, Fief             David Cherry             D
8   Giedi Prime               H   Homeworld, Fief             David Cherry             D
9   Kaitain                   C   Homeworld, Fief             Rob Alexander            D
10  Wallach IX                B   Homeworld, Fief             Rob Alexander            D
11  Tupile                    G   Homeworld, Fief             David Cherry             D
12  Forbidden Zone            F   Homeworld, Dune Fief        David Leri               D
13  Caladanan Exports         A   Charter, Directorship       Mark Poole               S
14  Harkonnen Industries      H   Charter, Directorship       Doug Chaffee             S
15  Military Appropriations       Charter, Tithe              David Leri               I
16  Imperial Revenues         C   Charter, Directorship       Terry Pavlet             S
17  Sisterhood Covenant       B   Charter, Directorship       Larry Elmore             S
18  Trespass Accord           F   Charter, Dune Contract      Darryl Elliott           S
19  Exchange Seat                 Charter, Directorship       Doug Beekman             I
20  Weather Control           G   Charter, Dune Agreement     Doug Chaffee             S
21  Harvesting Contract           Charter, Dune Contract      Darryl Elliott           I
22  Spotter Control               Charter, Dune Contract      John Monteleone          I
23  CHOAM Directorship            Charter, Directorship       Larry Snelly             I
24  Spacing Industries            Charter, Directorship       Mark Maxwell             I
25  Imperial Suk School           Charter, Partnership        David Cherry             I
26  Bene Tleilax Accord           Charter, Partnership        Michael Apice            I
27  Machines from Ix              Charter, Partership         Doug Chaffee             I
28  Suspensor Technologies        Charter, Partnership        Larry Elmore             I    
29  Smuggler Bribes               Charter, Dune Tithe         Darryl Elliott           I
30  Windtrap Technologies         Charter, Dune Contract      Doug Chaffee             I
31  Duke Leto Atreides        A   Ally, Noble, Duke           Mark Zug                 S
32  Paul Atreides             A   Ally, Noble, Heir           Mark Zug                 S
33  Thufir Hawat              A   Ally, Vassal, Mentat        Mark Zug                 I
34  Duncan Idaho              A   Ally, Vassal, Swordmaster   Mark Zug                 I
35  Gurney Halleck            A   Ally, Vassal, Officer       Mark Zug                 S
36  Baron Vladimir Harkonnen  H   Ally, Noble, Baron          Mark Zug                 S
37  Feyd Rautha               H   Ally, Noble, Heir           Mark Zug                 S
38  Piter de Vries            H   Ally, Vassal, Mentat        Mark Zug                 I
39  Glossu Rabban             H   Ally, Noble, Count          Mark Zug                 S
40  Iakin Nefud               H   Ally, Vassal, Officer       Mark Zug                 I
41  Shaddam IV                C   Ally, Noble, Emperor        Doug Beekman             S
42  Count Hasimir Fenring     C   Ally, Noble, Count          Doug Beekman             S
43  Commander Aramsham        C   Ally, Vassal, Officer       Doug Beekman             S
44  Doctor Kynes              C   Ally, Vassal, Native        Doug Beekman             I
45  Jareh Benquait            C   Ally, Vassal, Smuggler, Nat.Doug Beekman             I
46  Gaius Helen Mohiam        B   Ally, Vassal, Rev. Mother   Fred Fields              S
47  Lady Jessica              B   Ally, Noble, Sister         Mark Zug                 I
48  Princess Irulan           B   Ally, Noble, Heir, Sister   Fred Fields              S
49  Lady Margot               B   Ally, Noble, Sister, Adept  Fred Fields              S
50  Sister Ramallo            B   Ally, Vassal, Rev. Mother   Mark Zug                 I
51  Stilgar                   F   Ally, Vassal, Naib, Native  Mark Zug                 S
52  Chani                     F   Ally, Vassal, Native        Terry Pavlet             S
53  Korba                     F   Ally, Vassal, Officer, Nat. Mark Zug                 I
54  Jamis-Fremen Warrior      F   Ally, Vassal, Native        Mark Zug                 S
55  The Shadout Mapes         F   Ally, Vassal, Native        Mark Zug                 I
56  Oberon                    G   Ally, Vassal, Navigator     Fred Fields              S
57  Gauvir Mucca              G   Ally, Vassal, Mentat, Nav.  Fred Fields              S
58  Albrecht Nim              G   Ally, Vassal, Navigator     Doug Beekman             I
59  Dorvin Saeth              G   Ally, Vassal, Officer       Doug Beekman             S
60  Liscia Theirese           G   Ally, Vassal, Assassin      Doug Beekman             I
61  Atreides Propagandist     A   Aide, Spy                   Doug Beekman             R
62  Harkonnen Slavemaster     H   Aide, Slavemaster           Doug Beekman             R
63  Levenbreche               C   Aide, Sardaukar, Officer    Doug Beekman             R
64  Renegade Sister           B   Aide, Sister, Adept         Val Mayerick             R
65  Fremen Naib               F   Aide, Naib, Native          Doug Beekman             R
66  Guild Navigator           G   Aide, Navigator             Lawrence Snelly          R
67  House Mentat                  Aide, Mentat                Doug Beekman             U
68  House Swordmaster             Aide, Swordmaster           Doug Beekman             U
69  House Physician               Aide, Physician             Doug Beekman             C
70  House Assassin                Aide, Assassin              Val Mayerik              U
71  House Agent                   Aide, Spy                   Val Mayerick             C
72  CHOAM Delegate                Aide, Delegate              Brian Durfee             C
73  Landsraad Emissary            Aide, Delegate              Brian Durfee             U
74  Dune Smuggler                 Aide, Smuggler, Native      Doug Beekman             C
75  Guard Commander               Aide, Officer               Walter Valez             C
76  Sandworm                      Event, Dune                 Doug Beekman             C
77  Coriolis Storm                Event, Dune                 Mark Poole               C
78  Spice Blow                    Event, Dune                 Mark Poole               C
79  Smuggler Activity             Event, Dune                 Doug Chaffee             U
80  Dune Charter Renewal          Event, Dune                 David Leri               R
81  Production Bonus              Event, Dune                 Doug Chaffee             R
82  Spice Mining Inspection       Event, Dune                 Darryl Elliot            R
83  Water Riot                    Event, Dune                 David Martin             R
84  Imperial Favor                Event, Dune                 Walter Velez             C
85  Imperial Reprimand            Event, Dune                 Alan Clark               C
86  Guild Stockpiling             Event, Imperium             David Martin             U
87  CHOAM Dividends               Event, Imperium             David Martin             C
88  CHOAM Restructuring           Event, Imperium             David Martin             U
89  Guild Surplus                 Event, Imperium             David Cherry             U
90  Petitioning Delays            Event, Imperium             Walter Valez             C
91  Hoarding Tithe                Event, Imperium             Doug Chaffee             U
92  Emperor's Outrage             Event, Imperium             Walter Velez             U
93  Military Transport            Event, Imperium             Mark Maxwell             C
94  CHOAM Recess                  Event, Imperium             Ron Walotsky             U
95  Landsraad Summit              Event, Imperium             David Leri               R
96  Holding Tithes                Event, Imperium             Brian Durfee             C
97  Alliance Negotiations         Event, Imperium             Walter Valez             C
98  CHOAM Insolvency              Event, Imperium             Ron Walotsky             R
99  Philanthropy Drive            Event, Dune                 David Cherry             R
100 Assembly of Lords             Event, Imperium             David Leri               R
101 Armistice Treaty              Event, Imperium             David Leri               U
102 Landsraad Inquest             Event, Imperium             David Leri               U
103 Irulan's Peace                Event, Imperium             Brian Durfee             U
104 Imperial Fete                 Event, Imperium             David Leri               R
105 House Turmoil                 Event, Imperium             Walter Velez             R
106 Recruitment Drive             Venture, Deployment         Alan Pollack             C
107 Water Rationing               Venture, Deployment         Walter Valez             C
108 Policy of Oppression          Venture, Engagement         Alan Clark               C
109 Salvaging Operation           Venture, Draw               Doug Chaffee             R
110 Silo Destruction              Venture, Discard            Eric Anderson            R
111 Exchange Proxy                Venture, Exchange           Doug Beekman             C
112 Return to the Floor           Venture, Petition           Brian Durfee             C
113 Unprecedented Intercession    Venture, Petition           Audrey Corman            R
114 Informal Induction            Venture, Petition           Ron Walotsky             U
115 Stranglehold                  Venture, Petition           Mark Maxwell             U
116 Formal Discharge              Venture, Transfer           Cortney Skinner          C
117 Usurp Holding                 Venture, Transfer           Mark Maxwell             C
118 Arclight Assault              Venture, Battle             Walter Valez             C
119 Pogrom                        Venture, Battle             Ted Naifeh               C
120 Surgical Strike               Venture, Battle             Tom Baxa                 U
121 Sand Scrub                    Venture, Battle             Doug Chaffee             U
122 Expeditionary Invasion        Venture, Battle             Debbie Hughes            R
123 House Atomics                 Venture, Battle             Eric Anderson            R
124 Forbidden Match               Venture, Dueling            Stephen Daniele          C
125 Best Blade                    Venture, Dueling            Stephen Daniele          C
126 Act of Cowardice              Venture, Dueling            John Pierard             U
127 Compel Surrender              Venture, Dueling            Audrey Corman            R
128 Vendetta                      Venture, Dueling            Stephen Daniele          R
129 Coins under the Table         Venture, Arbitration        Cortney Skinner          C
130 Proces Verbal                 Venture, Arbitration        Alan Pollack             U
131 Provoke Insurgency            Venture, Arbitration        Alan Pollack             C
132 Subvert Arrangement           Venture, Arbitration        Darryl Elliott           U
133 Historic Acquisition          Venture, Arbitration        Debbie Hughes            R
134 Liquidation Measures          Venture, Arbitration        David Leri               R
135 Twilight Assault              Venture, Intrigue           Tom Baxa                 C
136 Terrorism                     Venture, Intrigue           Stephen Daniele          U
137 Implicate Traitor             Venture, Intrigue           Walter Valez             C
138 Industiral Sabotage           Venture, Intrigue           Ron Walotsky             U
139 Betrayal                      Venture, Intrigue           Anthony Hightower        R
140 Chaumurky                     Venture, Intrigue           Audrey Corman            R
141 Waking Dream Premonition      Venture, Prescience         David Fooden             U
142 Spice Trance                  Venture, Prescience         David Fooden             U
143 Prescience Trance             Venture, Prescience         Doug Beekman             U
144 Traverse Fold-Space           Venture, Prescience         Terry Pavlet             R
145 Prophetic Vision              Venture, Prescience         Rob Alexander            R
146 Weirding Way                  Venture, Weirding           Zak Plucinski            U
147 Litany Against Fear           Venture, Weirding           John Pierard             U
148 Sharing of Inner Lives        Venture, Weirding           Zak Plucinski            R
149 Voice Command                 Venture, Weirding           David Fooden             U
150 Truth Saying                  Venture, Weirding           Alan Clark               R
151 Knife Tip Shatters            Tactic, Engagement          Ted Naifeh               C
152 Weapon Misfire                Tactic, Engagement          Zak Plucinski            C
153 Shield Failure                Tactic, Engagement          Zak Plucinski            C
154 Device Malfunction            Tactic, Engagement          Darryl Elliott           C
155 Inert Poison                  Tactic, Declaration         Mark Poole               R
156 Priority Matter               Tactic, Declaration         Brian Durfee             C
157 False Diversion               Tactic, Declaration         Walter Valez             C
158 Security Sweep                Tactic, Declaration         David Cherry             C
159 Production Setbacks           Tactic, Declaration         Adam Wallenta            C
160 Storm Hazard                  Tactic, Declaration         Walter Valez             C
161 Predawn Ritual                Tactic, Declaration         Michael Apice            C
162 Rachag_Stimulants             Tactic, Declaration         Christina Wald           C
163 Fold-Space Complications      Tactic, Declaration         Mark Maxwell             R
164 Supply Tampering              Tactic, Declaration         Mark Maxwell             R
165 Covert Venture                Tactic, Declaration         Debbie Hughes            R
166 Aborted Raid                  Tactic, Declaration         Doug Chaffee             U
167 Vanish without Trace          Tactic, Declaration         Debbie Hughes            U
168 Pre-Emptive Strike            Tactic, Declaration         Walter Velez             U
169 Imperial Recess               Tactic, Declaration         Terry Pavlet             U
170 Long, Cold Night              Tactic, Declaration         John Monteleone          U
171 Exchange Suspension           Tactic, Exchange, Declar.   Doug Chaffee             R
172 Quality Inspection            Tactic, Exchange, Declar.   Debbie Hughes            R
173 Exchange Violation            Tactic, Exchange, Declar.   Mark Maxwell             R
174 Claim Initiative              Tactic, Initiative, Declar. Zak Plucinski            C
175 Hidden Reserves               Tactic, Initiative, Declar. John Monteleone          R
176 False Allegations             Tactic, Initiative, Declar. Zak Plucinski            C
177 Powerful Ally                 Tactic, Initiative, Declar. Mark Poole               U
178 Invocation of Caste           Tactic. Initiative, Declar. Cortney Skinner          U
179 Magnanimous Appeal            Tactic, Petition, Declar.   David Martin             U
180 Collusion                     Tactic, Petition, Declar.   Ted Naifeh               R
181 Venomous Faith                Tactic, Petition, Declar.   Ted Naifeh               U
182 Scuttled Negotiation          Tactic, Petition, Declar.   David Leri               R
183 Early Procurment              Tactic, Petition, Declar.   Walter Velez             R
184 Petitioning Savvy             Tactic, Petition, Declar.   Don Hillsman             R
185 Petitioning Tithe             Tactic, Petition, Declar.   Mark Maxwell             R
186 Ambitious Enterprise          Tactic, Arbitration,Engage. David Leri               C
187 Financial Reward              Tactic, Arbitration,Engage. John Monteleone          U
188 Well-Placed Bribes            Tactic, Arbitration,Engage. David Martin             C
189 Sterling Reputation           Tactic, Arbitration,Declar. Debbie Hughes            U
190 Public Defamation             Tactic, Arbitration,Engage. Cortney Skinner          C
191 Diplomatic Initiative         Tactic, Arbitration,Engage. Ted Naifeh               U
192 Interests of Detante          Tactic, Arbitration,Engage. Walter Velez             R
193 Buyout Agreement              Tactic, Arbitration,Engage. Zak Plucinski            R
194 Brilliant Rhetoric            Tactic, Arbitration,Declar. David Leri               U
195 Imperial Codex                Tactic, Arbitration,Engage. Audrey Corman            R
196 Feigned Unreadiness           Tactic, Battle, Engagement  Debbie Hughes            C
197 Battle Fatalities             Tactic, Battle, Engagement  Stephen Daniele          R
198 Marshalling of the Troops     Tactic, Battle, Declaration Doug Chaffee             U
199 Perilous Terrain              Tactic, Battle, Declaration Eric Anderson            U
200 Low Morale                    Tactic, Battle, Declaration Walter Velez             C
201 Famous Battle Account         Tactic, Battle, Engagment   John  Monteleone         U
202 Fanaticism                    Tactic, Battle, Engagement  Anthony Hightower        C
203 Battle Captive                Tactic, Battle, Engagement  John Pierard             R
204 Surprise Assault              Tactic, Battle, Engagement  Matt Wilson              U
205 Terrain Advantage             Tactic, Battle, Engagement  Terry Pavlet             R
206 Knife Switch                  Tactic, Duel, Engagement    Christina Wald           U
207 Slow Attack                   Tactic, Duel, Engagement    Stephen Daniele          C
208 Poisoned Blade                Tactic, Duel, Engagement    Christina Wald           R
209 Moonlit Fray                  Tactic, Duel, Declaration   David Leri               U
210 Imperial Intervention         Tactic, Duel, Declaration   Debbie Hughes            C
211 Blade Parry                   Tactic, Duel, Engagement    Christina Wald           R
212 Dueling Honors                Tactic, Duel, Engagement    Brian Durfee             U
213 Secund-Elect                  Tactic, Duel, Declaration   John Monteleone          U
214 Formal Impressment            Tactic, Duel, Engagement    Ron Walotsky             R
215 Blinding Defense              Tactic, Duel, Engagement    Don Hillsman             C
216 Focused Gambit                Tactic, Intrigue,Engagement John Monteleone          C
217 Unforseen Difficulties        Tactic, Intrigue, Declar.   Zak Plucinski            U
218 Intelligence_Espionage        Tactic, Intrigue, Engage    Darryl Elliott           C
219 Witness Testimonial           Tactic, Intrigue, Engage.   Cortney Skinner          U
220 Column of Smoke               Tactic, Intrigue, Declar.   Debbie Hughes            C
221 Mentat Precision              Tactic, Intrigue, Declar.   John Monteleone          U
222 Tiger Cunning                 Tactic, Intrigue, Engage.   David Leri               U
223 Back to the Wall              Tactic, Intrigue, Engage.   Brian Durfee             R
224 Bodies in the Well            Tactic, Intrigue, Engage.   John Monteleone          R
225 Hostage Option                Tactic, Intrigue, Engage.   Walter Velez             R
226 Engineering Corps             Personnel, Corps, Division  John Bridges             R
227 Assassin Cohort               Personnel, Corps, Cohort    Walter Velez             C
228 Imperial Courtiers            Personnel, Corps, Legation  Walter Velez             R
229 CHOAM League                  Personnel, Corps, Legation  Doug Chaffee             C
230 Landsraad Coalition           Personnel, Corps, Legation  Walter Velez             C
231 Guild Entourage           G   Personnel, Corps, Legation  Mark Zug                 U
232 Missionaria Protectiva    B   Personnel, Corps, Legation  Doug Beekman             U
233 Atreides Battalion        A   Personnel, Troop, Battalion Walter Velez             U
234 Fremen Battalion          F   Personnel, Troop, Battalion Doug Beekman             U
235 Harkonnen Battalion       H   Personnel, Troop, Battalion Walter Velez             U
236 Sardaukar Battalion       C   Personnel, Troop, Battalion Doug Chaffee             U
237 House Battalion               Personnel, Troop, Battalion Walter Velez             C
238 Sabotage Device               Equipment, Device           Mark Maxwell             U
239 Thumper                   F   Equipment, Device           Doug Chaffee             R
240 Oil Lense Binoculars          Equipment, Device, Sensor   Doug Chaffee             C
241 Poison Snooper                Equipment, Device, Sensor   Christina Wald           C
242 Seismic Probes                Equipment, Device, Sensor   Darryl Elliott           R
243 Baliset                       Equipment, Device           Christina Wald           C
244 Personal Shield               Equipment, Device, Shield   Christina Wald           C
245 Shigawire Bonds               Enhancement, Bonds          Christina Wald           R
246 Symbol of Authority           Equipment, Device, Emblem   Audrey Corman            R
247 Crysknife                 F   Equipment, Weapon, Blade    Randy Asplund-Faith      R
248 Kindjal                       Equipment, weapon, Blade    Christina Wald           C
249 Slip-Tip                      Equipment, Weapon, Blade    Christina Wald           U
250 Hunter Seeker                 Equipment, Device, Weapon   Doug Chaffee             U
251 Flip-Dart                     Equipment, Weapon, Needle   Christina Wald           R
252 Gom Jabbar                B   Equipment, Weapon, Needle   David Fooden             R
253 Maula Pistol                  Equipment, weapon, Project. Debbie Hughes            C
254 Stunner                       Equipment, Weapon, Project. Doug Chaffee             U
255 Lasgun Rifle                  Equipment, Weapon, Project. Doug Chaffee             R
256 Spice Harvester               Equipment, Transport        Randy Asplund-Faith      C
257 Carryall                      Equipment, Transport        Randy Asplund-Faith      C
258 Guild Heighliner          G   Equipment, Transport        Mark Maxwell             R
259 Maker Hooks               F   Equipment, Transport        Doug Chaffee             R
260 Desert-Rigged Ornithopter     Equipment, Transport        Randy Asplund-Faith      C
261 Garrison                      Enhancement, Bastion        Courtney Skinner         C
262 Ecological Testing Site       Enhancement, Bastion        Doug Chaffee             U
263 Formidable Patron             Enhancement, Compact        Cortney Skinner          C
264 Hereditary Claim              Enhancement, Compact        Cortney Skinner          C
265 Imperial Seal                 Enhancement, Compact        Audrey Corman            R
266 Palace Keep                   Enhancement, Bastion        David Cherry             U
267 Sietch Community              Enhancement, Bastion        Brian Durfee             U
268 'Thopter Outpost              Enhancement, Bastion        Mark Maxwell             C
269 Command Center                Enhancement, Bastion        Cortney Skinner          C
270 House Shield Generator        Equipment, Device, Shield   Mark Maxwell             R
271 Windtrap                      Enhancement, Bastion        Doug Chaffee             C
272 Arms Training                 Enhancement, Skill          Terry Pavlet             C
273 Diplomacy                     Enhancement, Skill          David Martin             C
274 Mentat Analysis               Enhancement, Skill          Larry Elmore             U
275 Prescience                    Enhancement, Skill          David Fooden             U
276 Shield Fighting               Enhancement, Skill          Zak Plucinski            U
277 Subterfuge                    Enhancement, Skill          Terry Pavlet             C
278 Valor                         Enhancement, Skill          Terry Pavlet             C
279 Weirding Combat               Enhancement, Skill          Zak Plucinski            U
280 Weirding Talent               Enhancement, Skill          David Fooden             U
281 Badge of the Lion             Enhancement, Title          Brian Durfee             U
282 Heir Designate                Enhancement, Title          Val Mayerik              R
283 High Steersman                Enhancement, Title          John Bridges             R
284 Master of Assassins           Enhancement, Title          Val Mayerik              U
285 Naib's Countenance            Enhancement, Compact        Val Mayerik              R
286 Order of the Sword            Enhancement, Title          David Leri               U
287 Peer of the Realm             Enhancement, Title          Cortney Skinner          U
288 Full Reverend Mother          Enhancement, Title          Mark Zug                 R
289 Accomplished Blademaster      Enhancement, Title          John Monteleone          U
290 Truth Sayer                   Enhancement, Title          Doug Beekman             R
291 Hand of God                   Enhancement, Condition      Frank Kelly-Freas        C
292 Heat Sickness                 Enhancement, Sickness       Don Hillsman             U
293 Imperial Conditioning         Enhancement, Condition      Mark Poole               U
294 Juice of Sapho                Enhancement, Condition      Christina Wald           C
295 Prescience Shielding          Enhancement, Condition      Doug Beekman             R
296 Secret Allegiance             Enhancement, Condition      David Martin             U
297 Spice Addiction               Enhancement, Sickness       David Fooden             R
298 Timed Drug                    Enhancement, Sickness       David Fooden             R
299 Poison Gas Tooth              Enhancement, Condition      Terry Pavlet             R
300 Residual Poison               Enhancement, Sickness       Alan Clark               R

301 Dr. Wellington Yueh       A   Ally, Vassal, Suk           Mark Zug                 I