Dune Movies and Video's

Extended Version (Alan Smithee version) on DVD and Video

Castle Home Video (Region 2 PAL )

Dune special tv edition 180 minutes

Retails for around £19 ($28) including Postage

A Personal write up on the experience of a USA based Fan

Castle video region 2 is mono, picture quality is poor, dark. It had very few chapter breaks. The disc didn't track very well, and both the jessica spitting scene, and heartplug scene have been removed. However, it had ultra-cool menus. It costs about $25.00

My Personal experience

I live in the UK and own this version. I play it on a Region 2 PAL machine and have had no problems.

The scenes removed are due to USA Censorship

Comstock 2 DVD set (Region 2 NTSC)

Retails for around $70 plus $25 postage

A Personal write up on the experience of a USA based Fan

 Japanese version(by comstock just like the laserdisc) is on 2 discs(boo!), it is dolby digital, it has far, far better picture quality than any version of this film I have seen to date. It almost looks like an official universal release. Also, the japanese subtitles CAN be turned off. It comes in a dual jewel case. It has an inlay with pics from the film, including one of paul bare-chested(not in the film). It is broken into like 28 chapter a disc. So the chapter breaks are far closer together than the castle video version. It costs $100.00. The cover features a black and white picture of Paul with the makers hook when he first rides the worm. The back has a red-tinted scene with alia holding the crynsknife.

Disc 1 has a picture of paul on it, and disc 2 has a picture of Feyd. From time to time I see this version on ebay - it usually goes for like $120.00 when the auction ends.

Extended Version copies of the Dune Japanese laser discs on VHS

Dune  Alan Smithee Version Video Cover

These Versions of Dune are the Alan Smithee versions
· Either a single tape or two tape set
· 52 minutes longer than the domestic release!
· In English with Japanese subtitles.
· In NTSC (will play on american VCRs)
· 189 minutes long.

Laser Disc extended version of Dune from 1984

Laser Disc 1

Laser Disc 2

Laser Disc Rear 1

Laser Disc Rear 2

 The very rare Japanese box set of Dune
( Out of Print )

David Lynch's "Dune" Japanese LaserDisc premium boxset on Comstock / Pioneer #PILF-7297. NTSC, CLV, 326 minutes, digital audio (Dolby Surround), in English with Japanese subtitles. Deluxe package includes:

- "Dune" 1984 theatrical version: 137 minutes, cinemascope size (1 x 2.35),
subtitles are in the bottom black stripe, 47 chapters, with trailer, in a gatefold sleeve.

 - "Dune" 1988 TV version: 189 minutes, TV size, 55 chapters, in two separate sleeves:
Part 1 and Part 2 as broadcast on NBC, version notavailable in the USA.

Based on the Frank Herbert novel and directed by David Lynch. The set includes 4 discs. Along with the 137 minute theatrical version, which is letterboxed, there is a 189 minute version which is pan and scan and was prepared for television showings. This version has never been released on any format outside Japan.

Additionaly, the theatrical trailer is included, along with an 8 page booklet, in japanese, with photos of the film and cast, and the three american poster designs. The discs are in CLV format, in English, with Japanese subtitles. The subtitles for the letterboxed version appear below the image.

This set used to cost around $200 at auction but since the release od the extended version on dvd around the world. This item now sells around $80. Between 1984 and 2000 this was the holy grail for dune collectors

Screenshots from the extended version intro

The David Lynch Video's

The cast...

Francesca Annis as Lady Jessica
Born London 14th May 1944

 Leonardo Cimino as the Baron's doctor

 Brad Dourif as Piter De Vries
Born West Virginia 18th March 1950

Jose Ferrer as Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV
Born 8th Janruary 1912 - Died 26th Jan 1992

 Linda Hunt as Shadout Mapes
Born Morristown NJ 2nd April 1945

 Freddie Jones as Thufir Hawat
Born Stoke on Trent England 12th September 1927

Richard Jordan as Duncan Idaho
Born New York USA19th July 1938 Died 30th August 1993

 Kyle MacLachlan as Paul Atreides
Born Yakima Washington 22nd February 1959

 Virginia Madsen as Princess Irulan
Born Chicago Illinois USA 11th September 1963

Silvana Mangano as Reverend Mother Ramallo
Born Rome Italy 21st April 1930 Died 16th December 1989

Everett McGill as Stilgar
Born Miami Florida USA 21st October 1945

Kenneth McMillan as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen
Born Brooklyn USA 2nd July 1932 Died *th January 1989

Jack Nance as Nefud
21st Decemeber 1943 - Died 30th December 1996

Sian Phillips as Reveend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam
Born Bettws Wales 14th May 1934

Jurgen Prochnow as Duke Leto Atreides
Born Berlin Germany 10th June 1941

Paul Smith as the Beast Rabban

Patrick Stewart as Gurney Halleck
Born Mirfield Yorkshire England 13th July 1940

Sting as Feyd Rautha
Born Wallsend Newcastle England 2 October 1951

Dean Stockwell as Doctor Wellington Yueh
Born Hollywood CA 5th March 1936

Max Von Sydow as Doctor Kynes
Born Lund Sweden 10th April 1929

Alicia Roanne Witt as Alia

Sean Young as Chani
Born Louiseville Kentucky USA 20th November 1959

Danny Corkill

Honorato Magaloni as Otheym

Judd Omen as Jamis

Molly Wryn as Harah

Quotes from the cast

I'm curious as hell to see what this is going to look like with all the stuff we are supposed to be imagining in our minds actually put in the film.
Kyle MacLachlan, actor (Paul)

I'm awed by the newness of it, coming into a movie having never done one before. Then again, I'm an old friend of Paul's. I feel like I know him. In a sense, I am him.
Kyle MacLachlan, actor (Paul)

I mean, as a fan, I've been waiting for this for years. Now, as an actor, I want to make sure that Paul Atreides is everything that a Dune fan expects.
Kyle MacLachlan, actor (Paul)

When I first read the script I was disappointed. I came in saying, "I want Dune." It took me a little time to get used to the differences. I finally said, "It's not going to be Dune by Frank Herbert. It's going to be Dune by Frank Herbert, adapted by David Lynch, put on film and conveyed by actors.
Kyle MacLachlan, actor (Paul)

Wearing the stillsuits in the desert was the next best thing to dying. Everett McGill, actor (Stilgar)

I only came close to passing out once... I think. Paul Smith, actor (Rabban)

The Bene Gesserit

Muad'dib and Feyd

It's an absolutely giant playpen. A serious playpen, but a playpen nonetheless.
Francesca Annis, actress (Jessica)

This is the dirtiest job I've ever had... and that includes construction work.
Sting, actor (Feyd)

I was down there five weeks. It seemed like five years.
Sting, actor (Feyd)

I think David (Lynch) likes the Harkonnens, who are the most hideous band in the film. I think he likes the nightmare sequences. The movie should reflect that. It'll be a world in sheep's clothing. That suits me.
Sting, actor (Feyd)

Feyd is evil... with a large jockstrap.
Sting, actor (Feyd)

David's vision is very, very bizarre because, I think, he's a very bizarre person. He's not normal. He's out of somewhere... out of left field. The reason I'm doing Dune is to work with David Lynch.
Sting, actor (Feyd)

I think this script is terrific. I can't believe it's remained as complex as it has. That's difficult to do with film. Film is dumb, you know? It really is.
Brad Dourif, actor (Piter)

I was unprepared for the purity of the desert and its elegance and its great, classy beauty.
Patrick Stewart, actor (Gurney)

Quotes from Frank Herbert

Alejandro Jodorowsky (El Topo) spent a couple of million dollars in pre-production of his version. He even hired Salvador Dali as his production designer. Nothing ever happened. I'm not quite sure why it fizzled. Without exaggeration, his script would have made an eleven-or-twelve-hour movie. It was the size of a phonebook. It was pretty anti-Catholic, too.
Frank Herbert

The characters are exactly as I have envisioned them... sometimes even better.
Frank Herbert

 A lot of people have tried to film Dune. They all failed. I tried writing a screenplay of it, once. It was rotten.
Frank Herbert

 The young actor who is playing Paul? It's fascinating. He claims that Dune has been his Bible. He's read it every year since he was fourteen.
Frank Herbert

Quotes from David Lynch

You can't get a movie like this done worrying about it as a whole. You have to take it scene by scene... or go crazy.
David Lynch, director

I really like our Guild Navigator. He's pretty odd looking. Pretty our there. I wouldn't have minded him being a little odder, though. Things just can't get odd enough for me.
David Lynch, director

Quotes from Dino & Rafaella De Laurentiis......

We spent six year developing Dune. I didn't want to rush this one and make a silly film.
Dino De Laurentiis

Nobody is as crazy as I am. You have to be crazy to make a movie like Dune.
Dino De Laurentiis

Why make a movie out of Dune? The reasons are all in the book.
Rafaella De Laurentiis, producer


Duke Leto Atreides

Paul (Muad'dib) Atreides

Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV
and his Daughter Irulan

Dune Facts

The original rough cut of the movie Dune was over 5 hours in duration


The visual variety of the Dune movie demanded 80 sets built upon 16 sound stages


More than 6 years in the making. The movie Dune employed David Lynch's talents for 3.5 years


Kyle MacLachlan claimed Dune to be his bible and has read it every year since the age of 14


The total number of production crew on the Dune movie came to a grand total of 1700


Immediately after completion of Dune. David Lynch started writing the screen plays for Dune 2 and Dune 3. A project that never came to fruition


To underline the plot of the Houses of Dune. Designer Anthony Masters created the environment to represent the feuding times of the renascence in Italy


One of David Lynch's favourite characters in the movie Dune is the Guild Navigator. Although Lynch felt he could have been stranger


David Lynch turn down the offer to direct "Return of the Jedi" before beginning production of the filming of Dune

Movie Trivia

Tequila Dune

The label, in the form of a sticker, was used on bottles of Tequila at the wrap party for the Dune Movie

Dune promo item Paperweight given to the members of a Press junket who were flown into Mexico To visit (and publicize) the sets as the film was being produced. Approximately 300 of these were passed out to the press. The paperweight is about 3 1/2 inches in diameter and is topped by what appears to be a brass eagle-the symbolic representation of the house of Atreides. It comes with a foldout card which explains this and the original box in which these items were presented. A unique and rather scarce item for a film which has become a cult favourite.

Card dated 1983, a full year before the Films release!



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