Frank Herbert


Name: HERBERT, Frank Patrick

Born: October 8, 1920 Tacoma, Washington

Married: Flora Parkinson 1941, divorced 1945

Married # 2: Beverly Ann Stuart June 23, 1946

Married # 3: Teresa Shackleford 1985

Died: February 11, 1986 Madison, Wisconsin

SS#: 549-26-9691 CA Interred:

Awards: 1966 Hugo for novel, Dune; while Dragon in the Sea won the International Fantasy Award.

Frank Herbert was born in 1920 at Tacoma, Washington, U.S A., where he lived with his wife and children.

Well known as a short story writer and as a professional photographer, he studied such diverse subjects as undersea geology, marine architecture, navigation, semantics, psychology, jungle botany, and oriental religions.

During the Second World War he was an accredited photographer with the U.S. Navy, and he has also worked as a newspaperman, oyster-diver, judo instructor, TV cameraman, radio news commentator, jungle survival instructor, and lay analyst.

Frank Herbert travelled in most parts of North and South America.

A journalist, ecologist, conservationist, Science Fiction writer, and fantasist. Herbert lived most of his life in the Pacific Ocean states area of California, Washington, and Hawaii. Frank was a scientist, in fact if not in degree, and studied undersea geology, psychology, navigation, and jungle botany. Herbert's acreage on Olympic Peninsula in Washington state was turned into a self-supporting ecology and demonstration project.

Herbert's first published SF work was in 1952 for Startling Stories entitled "Looking for Something." The major career break for Frank came after John Campbell serialized Dune in 1963-4 for the new Analog. Two more Dune books followed, Dune Messiah and Children of Dune creating a Dune Trilogy. Some years later, three more Dune books were added.

Herbert's livelihood career was as a newspaperman, working many of the west coast cities from Los Angeles to Washington state with 10 years spent with the San Francisco Examiner. He and his wife had three children, one of whom, Brian Herbert, became a SF writer in his own right.

There was also the David Lynch Movie Of Dune. Which was based on Franks Book. There was a tremendous amount of movie footage and Frank always believed there was enough material for a 15 hour mini series. Which Frank was sure he could talk them into making.

Frank was diagnosed with cancer and though he believed he could beat it. It took his life one year later.




Astounding Sci Fi

Amazing Stories

IF science fiction

Startling Stories

Fantastic Universe


The Dune Series

Dune-1965(an assembly of Dune World-December 1963-February 1964 in Analog magazine and The Prophet of Dune in Analog, January through May 1965). Won the first Nebula Award for best novel, and also won a Hugo Award in 1966.
1965 - Chilton Publishing
1966 - Berkley Publishing
1984 - G.P. Putnam's Sons

Dune Messiah(1969)
A shortened version of this book appeared in "Galaxy Magazine" for July to November 1969
(Vol. 128, no.s 5-6, July-Aug. 1969; Vol. 129, no.s 1-3, Sept.-Nov. 1969)
1970 - G.P. Putnam's Sons
1975 - Berkley Publishers
1987 - Ace Books

Children of Dune(1976)
1976 - In ANALOG MAGAZINE, Vol. 96, no.s 1-4, Jan.-April 1976
1976 - Berkley Publishers
1987 - Ace Books

The Great Dune Trilogy(1979)

God Emperor of Dune(1981)
1981 Part of this Chronicle appeared in "Playboy" Magazine, pages 130-132, 136, 298, 300, 303, 310, 312, 314-315, Vol. 28, no. 1, January 1981
1981 - G.P. Putnam's Sons
1982 - Berkley trade paperback
1983 - Berkley Publishers
1987 - Ace Books

 Heretics of Dune(1984)
1984 - G.P. Putnam's Sons
1985 - Berkley trade paperback
1986 - Berkley Publishers
1987 - Ace Books

Chapter House Dune(1985)
1985 - G.P. Putnam's Sons
1986 - Berkley trade paperback
1987 - Ace Books

The Second Great Dune Trilogy(1987)


Fiction/Science Fiction

His first story published was "Looking For Something" in Startling Stories magazine in 1952.

Looking for Something?
Startling stories, April 1952

Operation Syndrome
Astounding science fiction, June 1954 Survival and the Atom (1952) (collection)

The Gone Dogs
Amazing stories, November 1954

Pack Rat Planet
Astounding science fiction, December 1954 (Text from Direct Descent)

 Rat Race
Astounding science fiction, July 1955

Occupation Force
Fantastic science fiction, August 1955

 The Nothing
Fantastic universe science fiction, January 1956

The Dragon in the Sea (1956)
Originally as three part series in Astounding SF as "Under Pressure" November and December 1955 and January 1956, and again in book form as: 21st Century Sub-1956, and as Under Pressure-1974

Astounding science fiction, January 1958

Old Rambling House
Galaxy science fiction, April 1958

You Take the High Road
Astounding science fiction May 1958 (Text from The God Makers)

A Matter of Traces
Fantastic universe science fiction, November 1958

Missing Link
Astounding science fiction, February 1959

Operation Haystack
Astounding science fiction, May 1959

San Francisco star, 29 October 1960, p.5
San Francisco star, 9 November-2 December 1960, p.3
San Francisco star, 9 November-2 December 1960, p.4
San Francisco star, 9 November-2 December 1960, p.8
San Francisco star, 1-15 December 1960, p.5

Egg and Ashes
If science fiction, November 1960

A-W-F Unlimited
Galaxy magazine, June 1961

Mating Call
Galaxy magazine, October 1961

Try to Remember
Amazing stories, fact and science fiction, October 1961

Amazing stories, fact and science fiction, March 1962

Dune World
Analog science fact science fiction December , January 1963 and February 1964

The Mary Celeste Move
Analog science fact science fiction October 1964

The Tactful Saboteur
Galaxy magazine October 1964

Committee of the Whole
Galaxy magazine April 1965

The G M Effect
Analog science fact science fiction June 1965

--Do I Wake or Dream?
 Galaxy magazine August, 1965.Vol. 23, no. 6

The Green Brain (1966)
Part of this novel appeared in Amazing Stories entitled Greenslaves March 1965

The Primitives
Galaxy science fiction April 1966
(in collaboration with Paul Anderson and Jack Vance)

Destination Void (1966)
with revised text in 1978
1965 - In GALAXY MAGAZINE as "Do I Wake or Dream?", Vol. 23, no. 6, August 1965
1966 - Berkley Medallion edition
1978 - release of Berkley Publishing revised edition

Escape Felicity
Analog science fact science fiction June 1966

Heisenberg's Eyes (1966)
Galaxy science fiction June 1966 to August 1966

By the Book
Analog science fact science fiction August 1966

The Featherbedders
Analog science fact science fiction August 1967

The Heaven Makers (1968)
with revised text-1977
In Amazing Stories April and June 1967 issues

The Santoroga Barrier (1968)
Berkley Books October to December 1968
Also in Amazing Stories October 1968

The Worlds of Frank Herbert (1970...8 stories)
(Tactful Saboteur 1964)
Also in Galaxy magazine October 1964
(Committee of the Whole 1965)
Also in Galaxy magazine April 1965
(Old Rambling House 1965)
Also in Galaxy science fiction, April 1958
(Mating Call 1965)
Also in Galaxy magazine, October 1961
(A-W-F Unlimited 1961)
Also in Galaxy magazine, June 1961
(The Featherbedders 1967)
Also in Analog science fact science fiction 1968
(The G.M Effect 1965)
Also in Analog science fact science fiction June 1965
(Escape Felicity 1966)
Also in Analog science fact science fiction June 1966
1970 UK collection
The US edition has 1 extra story-1971
(By the Book)

The Mind Bomb
Worlds of If science fiction January through April 1969

Whipping Star (1970)
A shortened version of this book appeared in "If, Worlds of Science Fiction" January1970-April 1970
with revised text-1977
1970 - Berkley Publishing
1977 - Berkley Medallion edition

Seed Stock
Analog science fact science fiction April 1970

Murder Will In
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science fiction May 1970

Soul Catcher (1972)
Putnam and Son

The God makers (1972)
(1960 in Fantastic magazine as "The Priests of Psi".)with text added

Hellstrom's Hive (1973)
"Hellstom's Hive" is also knows as "Project 40"
Also in Galaxy November to April 1973

The Book of Frank Herbert (1973...10 stories) (Not Sci Fi)
(Seed Stock)
Also in Analog science fact science fiction April 1970
(The Nothing)
Also in Fantastic universe science fiction, January 1956
(Rat Race)
Also in Astounding science fiction, July 1955
(Gambling Device)
(Looking for Something)
Also in Startling stories, April 1952
(The Gone Dogs)
Also in Amazing stories, November 1954
(Passage for Piano)
(Encounter in a Lonely Place)
(Operation Syndrome)
(Occupation Force)
Also in Fantastic science fiction, August 1955

The Best of Frank Herbert: 1952-1970 -1976 UK
2 Volumes
The Best of Frank Herbert 1952 - 1964 [1976]
The Best of Frank Herbert 1965 - 1970 UK [1976]
Sphere Books

The Heaven Makers (1977)
Ballantine Books

The Dosadi Experiment (1977)
1977 - In GALAXY MAGAZINE, Vol. 38, no.s 3-6, May to August 1976
1977 - Berkley Publishing

Come to the Party (1978) (with F.M.Busby)
Analog science fiction science fact December 1978.
Also in Wollheims World's Best 8

Song of a Sentient Flute (1979)
Analog science fiction science fact February 1979

The Great Dune Trilogy-1979 UK (omnibus)

The Priest of Psi (1980) (Collection)

Direct Descent (1980)
Ace Books

The White Plague (1982)
G P Putnam

Eye (1985) (Collection)
Berkley Books

The Second Great Dune Trilogy-1987 (omnibus) UK


Fiction (with Bill Ransom)

The Jesus Incident (1979), (with Bill Ransom)
1979 - Berkley Publishing (released by G.P. Putnam and Sons)
1980 - Berkley Publishing
Songs of a Sentient Flute

The Lazarus Effect (1983), (with Bill Ransom)
1983 - G.P. Putnam and Sons
1984 - Berkley Publishers


The Ascension Factor (1988), (with Bill Ransom)
1988 - G.P. Putnam and Sons
1989 - Ace Books 


Fiction (with Brian Herbert)

Man of Two Worlds (1986)
1986 - G.P. Putnam and Sons



Survival of the cunning
Esquire, march 1945

The Jonah and the Jap
Doc Savage, april 1946

Yellow fire
Alaska life, june 1947

New World or No World (1970)

Threshold: The Blue Angels Experience (1973)
Published by Unspecified Vendor (1199133582)

Without Me You're Nothing:The Essential Guide to Home Computers (1980) with Max Barnard
Published by Simon & Schuster > Trade Paperback (0671412876)

The Maker of Dune: Insights of a Master of Science Fiction: Frank Herbert-1987 collection edited by Tim O'Reilly;

The Notebooks of Frank Herbert's Dune-1988 edited by Brian Herbert
Putnam Pedigree July 1988

Songs of Muad'Dib: The Poetry of Frank Herbert-1992 collection
A collection of poems by the science fiction master and the author of Dune includes epic sagas of spice, sandworms, and mystical power struggles of the planet Arrakis, many of them never before published.


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