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This is the second and final part of the grand climax of the DUNE sage. Due in bookstores in August 2007. Brian and Kevin have already delivered the final manuscript to the US and UK publishers."Sandworms of Dune due in bookstores in August 2007.

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Hunters of Dune


Fleeing from the monstrous Honored Matres - dark counterparts of the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood - Duncan Idaho, the military genius Bashar Miles Teg, a woman named Sheeana who can talk to sandworms, and a group of desperate refugees explore the boundaries of the universe. Aboard their sophisticated no-ship, they have used long-stored cells to resurrect heroes and villains from the past, including Paul Muad'dib and his love Chani, Duke Leto Atreides and his Lady Jessica, even the traitor Doctor Yueh, all in preparation for a final confrontation with a mysterious outside Enemy so great it can destroy even the terrible Honored Matres. And, deep in the hold of their giant ship, the refugees carry the last surviving sandworms from devastated Arrakis, as they search the universe for a new Dune.

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If you are a dune fan then this is the dvd for you. Not only do you get both versions but also the deleted scenes

American release

Dune DVD

Format : Color/Widescreen
Length : 327 minutes
Languages : English, French, Spanish
Subtitles : English, French, Spanish
DVD Features :
* Includes the Extended Version (177mins) and Original Theatrical Version (137mins) of the film
* Deleted Scenes with Introduction by Raffaella De Laurentiis
* Designing Dune
* Special Effects
* Models & Miniatures
* Wardrobe Design
* Photograph Gallery
* Production Notes

"The Dune: Extended Edition will be released in a metal snap case (SRP$27.98). 2 versions of the film will be included... a 137-minute theatrical version, and the 177-minute extended edition. BOTH will be available in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen (which would mark the first time the extended edition was available in widescreen). The theatrical edition will feature both Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 audio, while the extended edition will be Dolby Digital 5.1 only. Extras will include never before seen "behind-the-scenes" footage, documentaries on the special effects, visual design and costumes, deleted scenes, original photographs and artwork from the set (newly resurrected from personal collections) and more

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Released 31 January 2006


Dune on UMD for Sony Playstation Portable

 "Dune" and "Blue Velvet" come to UMD, rrp £14.99.

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Dune UMD

The Road to Dune

Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert, Keven J Anderson

Release date 12th September

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 Tor Books ...paperback 1st September

 Hodder & Stoughton Ltd paperback 12th September

 New English Library Paperback (March 13, 2006)

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The Great Dune Trilogy: "Dune", "Dune Messiah", "Children of Dune"
(Gollancz SF S.)

 Product Details:

# Hardcover 912 pages (December 2, 2004)

# Publisher: Gollancz

# ISBN: 0575070706

Tesco £9.74

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Dune 1984
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Dune widescren DVD region 2 4th oct 2004

Technical Details

Certification: 15
Duration: 130 mins
Format: DVD
Single Sided/Dual Layer
Region: 2
Presentation: Widescreen
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 Wide Screen
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Cat. No: PPA1591(PRISM LEISURE CORPORATION) [Castle Home Video]

It has been fifty-six hard years since the events of THE MACHINE CRUSADE. Following the death of Serena Butler, the bloodiest decades of the Jihad take place. Synchronized Worlds and Unallied Planets are liberated one by one, and at long last, after years of struggle, the human worlds begin to hope that the end of the centuries-long conflict with the thinking machines is finally in sight.

Unfortunately, Omnius has one last, deadly card to play. In a last-ditch effort to destroy humankind, virulent plagues are let loose throughout the galaxy, decimating the populations of whole planets . . . and once again, the tide of the titanic struggle shifts against the warriors of the human race. At last, the war that has lasted many lifetimes will be decided in the apocalyptic Battle of Corrin.

In the greatest battle in science fiction history, human and machine face off one last time . . . And on the desert planet of Arrakis, the legendary Fremen of Dune become the feared fighting force to be discovered by Paul Muad'Dib in Frank Herbert's classic DUNE.





Dreamer of Dune

Dreamer of Dune

Arguably the most popular twentieth-century science fiction novel, Frank Herbert's Dune (1965) integrated social, ecological, and religious commentary into a new kind of world-building that captivated sf readers much as Lord of the Rings enthralled fantasy fans. Brian Herbert's heartfelt, if not highly polished, biography of his father portrays a man with large faults and virtues. Impatient with children, Herbert insisted on quiet and order to write, and when little, Brian and brother Bruce......

Pre-Order for release 1st April 2003
USA $19.57
Canada $29.37
UK £16.08

"Frank Herberts Dune" game by Cryo

Buy here in the UK PC
PS2 discontinued

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PS2 discontinued

Please note you need a high spec PC to run this game


Dune Alan Smithee version DVD Region 2
You can buy a copy here at Bensons.

They Deliver world wide

Dune special tv edition 180 minutes Region 2

Theatrical version DVD 130 minutes

The Secrets of Frank Herberts Dune
by James Van Hise

A look behind the scenes of the new mini series



Please note DVD is Region 1

 Re-launched... The Illustrated Dune

The Illustrated Dune 1999

Buy amazon or Tesco £12.74

New Dune Fans Page New

I'm looking for scans from Dune fans around the world. Have you...

Made a costume ?
Painted a car or van ?
Bought a number plate ?
Had a tattoo ?
Or just done anything to show how much of a Dune fan you are?

Send me a picture or scan and i'll put you on the fans page

Special Thanks

Daniel Bennett for providing scans of "The Priest of PSI" and "The Ascension Factor"
 - drogue for providing scan of "The Maker of Dune-Frank Herbert by Tim O'Rielly"
Led - for providing scans of the "Sega Genisis Game" and a link to his excellent research into the game
Federico -for providing the scans of the "Italian Dune covers" and "The Road to Dune cover"
Mysticskull -for his scan of the Jeff Yeagher Sandworm
Harry Harris - for the "Tequila Dune Scan"
Micah J. Mabelitini - for information about the new "Leather-bound Dune book"
Simon Jones - for information about the UK version of "Doon" and scans, UK version of the "DE", and lots of info about other Frank Hebert book details
Daniel Sprague - for scans of the rare "Spice Opera CD",The Heaven Makers, The Dosadi Experiment
, The Lazarus Effect, Eye, The Green Brain, The Eyes of Heisenberg and The Ascension Factor book covers and Illustrator information and Scans of Dune 1 original and Dune II for the mega drive 16bit cart
Vasiliy Kudriavtsev - For the 2 sets of Russian Book Covers
Nelson from Nilópolis in Brazil for the Brazilian Dune Covers
André Bouwens for the Dutch 1986 Dune Covers
--PeeJay for the latest Dutch Dune Covers and Other Scans
Cypress Twist for the Romanian Scans
Pablo Iglesias for the Spanish Scans
Eva B for the Danish scans
Kevin Moore for the Avalon hill alternative cover
Mark for the Feyd sculpture information
Morgan for the Hungarian book covers
Simon Jones for Frank Herbert book scans and info
Christopher Lim for Prequel book covers
Moshe Tal Potlog for the Hebrew Covers
Kwisatz for the polish covers and many other covers

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