The Maker of Dune-Frank Herbert

Tim O'Reilly

The Maker of Dune

The Maker of Dune-Frank Herbert
Tim O'Rielly

Berkley Book
First Published May 1987
This Edition May 1987
Price $7.95

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ISBN 0-425-09785-4

© 1987 Frank Herbert

 Frank Herbert

by Timothy O'Reilly.

 The first book length study of the enormously popular Science

  Fiction author, Frank Herbert, author of the Dune series. At the core of Herbert's novels is his belief that man

  becomes more conscious when he stops separating and insulating himself from his universe. His novels are

  successful because they re-creat for the reader the tensions and surprises that fuel human achievement. This

  complete study of Frank Herbert is enriched by a series of interviews with Herbert himself. If you want to know a

  bit more about the Dune series, and wish to read an in depth analysis of many of Herbert's books, characters, and

  themes, you might like this book.

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