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The Essential Guide to Home Computers" Without Me You're Nothing .....
by Frank Herbert & Max Barnard

Publisher: Simon & Schuster -New York- 1980

Hardcover with dustjacket ..304 Pages

"Frank Herbert, the man famous for creating prophetical fictional futures, such as the classic Dune, tells us about the real future that is NOW and tells us why the machines are not taking over."

"A practical, easy-to-understand guide to using your own personal computer system, complete with: Straightforward explanations of how a computer works
An introduction to the standard language of home computers
A step-by-step guide to programming based on a new, easy-to-follow flow-chart system (Programap)
A buyer's guide to choosing the right system and  accessories for you

  Guidelines for using the computer to save time, effort, and money in dozens of ways.

 The Apple II and Atari 400 are illustrated in photos, there is a one page write up on PDP-11, and the appendix contains a list of manufacturers addresses such as: Compucolor, Cromenco, Ohio Scientific, Signetics, MITS, IMSAI, Hal Communications, Southwest Technical, Vector Graphic, etc.

Threshold: The Blue Angels Experience (1973)
Published by Unspecified Vendor (1199133582)



The Best Of Frank Herbert-World's Beyond Dune(5 Book set in box)

This box set edition is from 1978.

Books are:

1)Whipping Star(1969)


3)The Eyes Of Heisenberg(1966)

4)The Dosadi Experiment(1977)

5)The Godmakers(1972)


Frank Herbert
4 Complete Novels

1) Whipping Star(1969)

2) The Dosadi Experiment(1977)

3) The Santaroga Barrier (1968)

4) SoulCatcher (1972)


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