Panini Sticker Album

The Panini Sticker Album

Published in 3 countries...

London England by Minicards Ltd

Rosebury NSW Australia by Scanlens Confectionary

Ontario Cananda by O-Pee-Chee Company Ltd

The album measure 9½ by 10½ inches or 24 by 27 cm

© 1984 Dino De Laurentiis Corporation

The Dune Panini sticker album came free with issue 401 of the 2001ad comic. Also free was one pack of Dune stickers. This offer was only in the uk. The sticker album also came free with the Eagle comic dated 26th January 1985



In issue 402 of the 2001ad comic was a sheet of 6 stickers for the Panini album. Stickers could be bought from newsagents for a RRP of 10 pence per pack