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Dune 7

Hunters of Dune


Fleeing from the monstrous Honored Matres - dark counterparts of the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood - Duncan Idaho, the military genius Bashar Miles Teg, a woman named Sheeana who can talk to sandworms, and a group of desperate refugees explore the boundaries of the universe. Aboard their sophisticated no-ship, they have used long-stored cells to resurrect heroes and villains from the past, including Paul Muad'dib and his love Chani, Duke Leto Atreides and his Lady Jessica, even the traitor Doctor Yueh, all in preparation for a final confrontation with a mysterious outside Enemy so great it can destroy even the terrible Honored Matres. And, deep in the hold of their giant ship, the refugees carry the last surviving sandworms from devastated Arrakis, as they search the universe for a new Dune.

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Battle of Corrin


It has been fifty-six hard years since the events of THE MACHINE CRUSADE. Following the death of Serena Butler, the bloodiest decades of the Jihad take place. Synchronized Worlds and Unallied Planets are liberated one by one, and at long last, after years of struggle, the human worlds begin to hope that the end of the centuries-long conflict with the thinking machines is finally in sight.

Unfortunately, Omnius has one last, deadly card to play. In a last-ditch effort to destroy humankind, virulent plagues are let loose throughout the galaxy, decimating the populations of whole planets . . . and once again, the tide of the titanic struggle shifts against the warriors of the human race. At last, the war that has lasted many lifetimes will be decided in the apocalyptic Battle of Corrin.

In the greatest battle in science fiction history, human and machine face off one last time . . . And on the desert planet of Arrakis, the legendary Fremen of Dune become the feared fighting force to be discovered by Paul Muad'Dib in Frank Herbert's classic DUNE.





Dune Crusades

The Machine Crusade


The phenomenal DUNE series continues with the long-requested account of the war with the Titans Earth is a radioactive ruin. But the initial campaign of the Butlerian Jihad has given new hope to mankind. Serena Butler, whose murdered child has become a symbol for oppressed humanity, inspires a war against the thinking computers led by Xavier Harkonnen and Vorian Atreides. But four of the Titans - murderous machines with human brains and human cunning - still remain. And the universal computer mind, Omnius, still wields most of its power. Into this unstable landscape come two new factors. From the depths of space and time, a free Titan - the near-legendary Hecate - joins forces with humanity. And in a humble laboratory on the planet Poritrin, the mathematical genius Norma Cenva is perfecting a theory that will utterly transform the rules of space travel.

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The Butlerian Jihad


It began in the Time of Tyrants, when ambitious men and women used high-powered computers to seize control of the heart of the Old Empire including Earth itself. The tyrants translated their brains into mobile mechanical bodies and created a new race, the immortal man-machine hybrids called cymeks. Then the cymeks' world-controlling planetary computers - each known as Omnius - seized control from their overlords and a thousand years of brutal rule by the thinking machines began. The human race still clings to life. Some - like idealistic Serena Butler of the free planet Salusa Secundus and her betrothed, the soldier Xavier Harkonnen - even dream of overthrowing the machines and freeing their human slaves. Others - like Vorian Atreides, bastard son of the cymek Agamemnon - are proud to serve the machines. But their world faces disaster. Impatient with human beings' endless disobedience and the cymeks' continual plotting to regain their power, Omnius has decided that it no longer needs them. Only victory can save the human race from extermination

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House Corrino


The blood feud between Duke Leto of Caladon and Baron Vladimir Harkonnen reaches its climax, as the emperor Shaddam - leader of House Corrino - is finally forced to curb the powerful Harkonnens or risk losing his own throne. Menawhile, Duke Leto's beautiful concubie, the Bene Gesserit temptress Jessica,- has conceived the boy who become Paul Atreides (the hero of Dune), defying the express orders of her superiors. The book culminates in a war - on Dune, on the oppressed planet Ix, in space - that will alter the balance of power for a generation

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House Harkonnen


Duke Leto Atreides is now the skilful and much-loved ruler of Caladan, served by the loyal Duncan Idaho. To his court, come Gurney Halleck - despised slave of the Harkonnens - and Jessica, the concubine. Meanwhile, Rabban Harkonnen - Atreides' worst enemy is preparing to attack.

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House Atreides


This prequel to "Dune" reveals more of the origins of the blood feud between House Atreides and House Harkonnen. The book draws from notes, outlines and correspondence Frank Herbert left behind at his death, as well as on conversations that Brian Herbert held with his father.

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The 3 Prequel Boxset


Commemorating Dragon Con 1999

Autographed by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

A very special collectible.
A 9.25"x6", 16 page pre-publication excerpt from the new DUNE prequel. . Includes a message from the author and added info.

Dune Whipping Mek

As they did last year, with the introductory short story "Hunting Harkonnens," Brian and Kevin have written another original story, "Whipping Mek," as a bridge spotlighting events in between THE BUTLERIAN JIHAD and THE MACHINE CRUSADE.

This Booklet also includes a free CD or Postcard

Special Edition The Road to Dune excerpt book.

The book is a DragonCon Exclusive from the SCiFi channel celebrating 40 years of Dune and includes an excerpt from Spice Planet, which is an alternate version of Dune written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. The book is 15 pages long. This is a promotional book given out during the 2005 DragonCon Convention and was not given out anwhere else.

Advanced Readers Copy

This has the short story "A Whisper of Calandan Seas"
by Brian Hearbert and Kevin J Anderson


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